Life At Hunter School

At the Hunter School, we believe in the miracle of growth innate in every child, knowing that given the right conditions, this growth process will flourish. Hunter is located in central New Hampshire on 137 acres of woodlands in the foothills of the White Mountains. You won’t find stuffy formal buildings and ivy-covered walls at Hunter, but you will find the beauty of nature everywhere.

Academics Programs

Hunter takes a holistic approach to the learning process and development of a child's character. We view these amazing children not as disabled or disadvantaged, but highly sensitive, possessing unique perceptual abilities which if properly harnessed, can unleash powerful talents to learn & succeed. The Hunter School is approved & accredited through the NH Department of Education.


The distinctive methodology of Energetic Mindfulness™ models the tremendous benefits of being mindful and self-regulating the impact that our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes have on us, others and the world. It utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness with an understanding of thoughts, energies, and behaviors.

Permaculture Program

Permaculture embodies a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature through developing sustainable architectural and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. Our Permaculture Program incorporates an all-encompassing, positive approach to the environment that students can easily understand and relate to.

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