One of the most challenging parts of placing a young  child in a therapeutic residential program is letting go and trusting those who are now actually co-parenting and working with your child in both the academic and residential setting.  Families need support throughout this process in order to navigate the journey that ensues once placement has been made.

The Hunter School recognizes and appreciates these challenges and has responded by recently developing a Family Outreach Program which provides training and respite services in the family home.

The Family Outreach Program provides the following transitional and respite services:

*  Assessment of student and family readiness
*  Development of Transition Plan for student and family
*  Ongoing training and support to families including visits to family home and other locations necessary to   ensure effective transition from school to home
*  Phone Contact and on-call support as needed
*  Hands-on-application and training of Hunter School approach and philosophies applied through individual transition plan
*  Ongoing contact and support with family after transition
*  Respite services in the home as needed
For more information on the Family Outreach Program, please email