KidsStaffHikeEnergetic Mindfulness™

The Hunter School utilizes both mainstream and alternative approaches in working with our student population. A key component of our program is Energetic Mindfulness™.   EM™ is also an educational movement that models positive character development and a way of being in the world where the end product is living a more loving and peaceful life.

Inspired by the journey of young Zach, Laurie Ferris’s son, the concept of incorporating energetic and mindfulness practices into a school and home environment was born. EM™ offers a unique view of these students. Highly sensitive children share many common traits that when viewed from a conventional psychological or behavioral perspective may seem confusing and dissimilar. These same traits when viewed from an energy perspective can better be understood and developed in the child in a positive direction.

Because of these children’s strong sensitivity to their environment, their ability to learn effectively on a practical level can be affected greatly by these sensitivities. Other alternative approaches also emphasize the interrelationship between mind and body. Examples of alternative approaches include: dietary and nutritional interventions, animal assisted therapy, expressive therapies such as art, dance or music, culturally based healing arts such as acupuncture, yoga, relaxation and stress reduction techniques such as biofeedback, massage therapy or meditation.

Meditation and visualizations can be powerful tools for individuals Meditating2to learn to cope with stress, anxiety, medical problems and more. Some types of meditation may require the body to remain still or to move, while other types allow for free movement. Regardless of the type of meditation or visualizations used, the goal is for the mind to relax and become quiet and stress-free by the use of quiet contemplation and reflection. Utilizing approaches such meditation, visualizations and Energetic Mindfulness™ techniques have been helpful in reducing stress and anxiety amongst the young students at the Hunter School.

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