The Hunter School admission process is designed to enable families and the school to learn as much as possible about one another. Just as it is important for you to find the right school for your child, we want to feel confident that your child can benefit from the Hunter experience as well.  You have already taken this first step by visiting the website. Please email us at: .  Below you will find more information about our admissions cycle and process.

Rolling Admissions

The Hunter School has a rolling admissions policy which means that applicants are considered for enrollment throughout all twelve months of the year. Students, ages 5-15, are selected to participate in the Hunter program based on their ability to benefit from our combined strength-based academic and therapeutic programs.  Since we are a small school that provides individualized attention to our students, we have a limited number of openings each year. Parents are encouraged to begin the admissions process as soon as possible.

The Admissions Process

The formal admissions process begins once you have researched Hunter thoroughly and, through conversations with our admissions staff, have preliminarily determined that Hunter might be a good fit for your child. Once you contact us, we’ll quickly schedule a phone conversation with you about your child. The goal of these initial phone conversations is to answer your questions about Hunter and for us to learn as much as we can about your child’s characteristics and individual needs. In order for us to have a complete picture of your son’s or daughters unique challenges, we also ask for written evaluations from professionals who are familiar with your child through examination, evaluation, treatment and teaching. It is imperative that we have this information and a completed application prior to a campus visit.
The admissions process involves the following steps:

  • Complete our application. We’ll e-mail you a copy of our application, or you can Click on this Link To Application to view and print a PDF copy now.
  • Provide us with all psychological evaluations and clinical summaries that have been completed for your child within the last two years, or longer if you believe they’re relevant.
  • Obtain a signed authorization to exchange information with the schools your child has attended over the past two years, and with doctors and other professionals who have treated or evaluated your child. Please be sure to fill out a separate form for each school or medical office and be sure to include phone numbers and addresses on each form.
  • Provide a record of physical examination and a copy of our health history form that has been completed by a licensed physician, or a copy of a current licensed physician’s report that you already have in your possession.
  • Provide a completed copy of our Medical Administration and Instruction form that explains any medications your child may be taking and dispensing instructions. This form must be completed for every unique medication currently taken by your child and must be signed by the authorizing physician.
  • Provide immunization records.
  • If Hunter will be asked to restrict contact between a student and a non-custodial parent, we will need to see court documents that specify custody.
  • Provide copy of front and back of  medical card insurance information.
  • Provide copy of dental exam within last year
  • Obtain and forward current individualized educational plans, or 504 plans, that have been created for your child.

Once we have reviewed and discussed your application with you, and we have mutually concluded that Hunter will meet the needs of your child, an on-campus interview is scheduled. This interview is the final step in the admissions process. Key members of our staff who will be responsible for your child’s education and care will meet with you and your child to conduct your admissions interview. Your child may also spend a brief time in the classroom with other Hunter students.

A placement decision will be made within 48 hours of the interview.


Hunter is a private, non-profit school. Tuition is paid for each student who attends. Parents are expected to coordinate and provide the financial resources necessary to fund their child’s education at Hunter.