BoysonLogThe Hunter School is a non-profit private therapeutic day and residential school offering a unique approach to educating young boys and girls with ADHD, Anxiety, High Functioning Autism, Mood Disorders and related conditions who have not found success in more traditional educational settings.  We consider these children to be highly sensitive, very intelligent and to possess many positive attributes, creative abilities and skills which are celebrated on our campus.

The Hunter School is also the home of Energetic Mindfulness™ and the Salem Philosophy. The Salem Philosophy embodies the vegetarian diet, connection with nature, lack of electronic stimulation and a deep respect for one another and the planet.  The distinctive methodology of EM™ showcases and models the tremendous benefits of paying attention in the present moment, being mindful of and self-regulating the impact that our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes have on us, others and the world around us.

Our Permaculture program further enhances our philosophies and program by allowing children the opportunity to learn about organic farming, sustainability and and most important of all the importance of the relationship we all have with each other and the planet.

At the Hunter School, our classrooms and living quarters reflect our philosophies and are designed to be safe and relaxed, creating a welcoming place for your child to thrive while he or she attends our program.

Our goals are to: 


*  Nourish the child’s creativity and strengthen his or her ability to learn.

*  Re-engage each child in the world with trust and love.

* Reduce or eliminate the use of psychotropic drugs whenever possible.

We offer a specialized program for students with ADHD, Anxiety, High Functioning Autism, Mood, Sensory and related conditions. Our educational program is focused around ready-to-learn (RTL) skills, communication skills, social skills, and academic skills. The school has guidelines that each student has the opportunity to follow.  The child’s objectives are individualized and incorporated into the IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) or HEP (Hunter Educational Plan) as goals to work on throughout the school year.

Our therapeutic model is a family style environment, monitored and guided by clinical staff.  Six children live in a house with two parents.  Each child’s program is individually based on a comprehensive developmental assessment.  House rules are simple and parallel those of a typical family.  The close relationships children develop with the house parents is one of the primary vehicles for growth and healing.  Our extraordinary staff works closely with each child to further support and enhance positive growth and development. 

If you wish to contact us to learn more about the Hunter learning experience, please email

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